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For repairs or restauration work on violin, viola, cello and double bass. Electronics and pickups for bowed instruments.


For more Informations about classical bowed instruments, restoration work, accessories or Pickupsystems, please contact violin maker Cölestin Kober.


Consultation for the right string selection, accessories and modifications on bowed string instruments and implementation.


Working on old instruments is done with traditional craftsmanship spirit, and with the help of modern techniques in the utmost care.


Classic and electronic bowed string instruments, unique precision, in-house pickups, custom-made.

Bow Service

Bow rehair service and repair service

Glass Violin Maker

Discover bowed string instruments of the finest quality

Fine crafted Instruments with high quality tone in classic and new design. Masterfully crafted in the Luthiers tradition-conscious and progressive workshop. Based on versatile experience in combination with fine tool material and much perfectionim, unique classical and electronic string instruments are made for a variety of requirements. String instruments are repaired and restored with extensive expertise.