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Fine Classic Violins

Your personal bowed instrument build with highest precision, craftsmanship and the finest materials, special tone woods and natural colour. The standard model is constantly being refined, maple wood with spectacular apperiance differs. Available option for acoustic tone are selected with soft, standard and strong string tension. In this workshop you will find your new favorite bowed instrument from the violin to the doublebass.

Classic Violin and Bowed Instruments crafted by Cölestin J.Kober

A masterpiece of art, made with experience and passion. The special design is the result of continuous improvements and attention has been given to a harmonic shape in every detail. The best tone woods, especial selected and long seasoned are used. Shellac is the natural varnish for all bowed instruments made in this workshop. The scroll can be carved in different variations and is always a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The perfect sound is achieved by meticulously adjusting the bridge and soundpost to the finished violin. Natural material as traditional bone glue, colors and varnish are used. The varnishing is applied with many layers and long periods of drying in between each application. This very fine  traditional violin varnish consists of shellac, natural resins, oil and propolis. Special and individual customer demands can be implemented.



3D Violin Making

Violin making with modern technology in my workshop for highest precession in every detail and best price options for professional bowed instruments.