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Electric Violin

The first assive & light weight electric violin with the patented magnetic pickup, specially invented for bowed instruments, offers new sound experiences. The model ARC is as light as a classical violin and comes with all the important elements of the classic violin. The body is quiet and ideal for live amplification or practice.

electric violin with magnetic pickup by Cölestin J. Kober


The first  electric violin with the new patented magnetic pickup for violins. Light as a classic violin, with passive electronics. The vibrations from steel strings are inducting the magnetic pickup in a pecififc direction for a complete, dynamic and real sound. Effects and processing the signal is a new advanture with guitar amplifiers. The light coorpus is made with maple wood. All parts fit to the classical violin accessories. The chinrest is made from ebony or palisander and there is a special maple mount for the shoulder rest. It can be adjusted in any fovorite position. The dense ebony fingerboard is of high qualiy and the classic ebony pegs and tailpiece with fine tuner are standard.



E-Geige aus der Meisterwerkstatt CJK


Der patentierte Magnettonabnehmer für Streichinstrumente aus dieser Meisterwerkstatt ist der Ursprung dieser elektronischen Geige.
Die gestrichene Saiteschwingung hat eine bestimmte Auslenkung, welche erstmals mit diesem neuen Pickup abgenommen werden kann.

Shore Lord Of The Rings Concerning Hobbits Electric Violin

Shore Lord Of The Rings Concerning Hobbits

Shore Lord Of The Rings Concerning Hobbits Violin And Accompanying Johannes Schofnegger by CJK Violin