1 String Fidelino, learn Violin 4 times faster

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4 mal schneller Geige spielen lernen mit Fidelino

Hello! I decided to make the one string violin FIDELINO for violin training and exercises on one single violin string.
I am convinced, that playing on one string is the most effective possibility to train especcialy the ears. The sense of hearing and knowing the notes is essential, especially in the beginning at learning to play the violin. You can learn that 4 times faster now, if you practice your excercises on one single string. It is unavoidable not to play by ear on one string.
As teacher, violinist or violin beginner, you can always try this on the violin but you must accept this challenge wich is almost all about playing the violin.
2 Oktaves are enought for the most simple violin lessons.
Be creative, hitting the right notes.
Silent practice instrument witch CJK Violin Pickup.
Small and easy for transportation and traveling.
Violin standard dimension and works with classic violin accessories.